While Manchester, Missouri, was only incorporated in 1951, the area has been inhabited for close to 200 years. When Louis Joliet and Father Jacques Marquette initially explored the area in 1673, they found a tribe of Osage Indians living by a spring which archaeologists later estimated to be over 8,000 years old. An old Indian trail in the area served as part of the wagon trail route heading west out of the St Louis region, was initially names Jefferson Road (it went from St Louis to Jefferson City), but was later renamed Manchester Road and today serves as the major conduit throughout the City of Manchester. For more history on the area, click here.   A very active area, Manchester has superb parks and recreation department, an Aquaport, amphiteater, and even a Frisbee Golf Course, along with some wonderful city parks. 

It is serviced by the Triple A rated Parkway School District and the Valley Park School District, where all grades are located on the same campus.

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