What Does It Take to Sell a Home in Today’s Market

What does it take to sell a home in today’s market?  It’s not a matter of putting a home in the MLS and then waiting for buyers to beat a path to your door,

  •  its listening and understanding what the homeowners needs and concerns are
  •  its marketing a home to ensure that we reach and appeal to the right buyers
  •  making sure that the right things are done to the home prior to putting it on the market to optimize the net amount the seller will receive at closing
  •  knowing who the competition is and what they have to offer
  •  understanding how buyers (and their agents) negotiate and communicate
  •  understanding how the market place works, the changes that have occurred over the past few years and how those changes have affected the home buying and selling process
  •  ensuring that the myriad of details that have to be done prior to closing based on set timelines in the contract get done
  •  understanding the process the buyer’s lender is going through and how it will affect the seller
  •  knowing what building and municipal inspectors look for so those items can be corrected before the home goes on the market
  •  understanding the complexities of showing a home that is being lived in with pets and children and people who can’t leave home at the drop of a hat
  •  and so much more.

I’m here to listen to you and help you reach your end goal.  To educate you on the home buying and selling process.  To guide you through the process and ensure that your interests are protected. To help you showcase your home to show off it’s best features and minimize it’s warts and wrinkles. To market your home to reach the right buyers. To help you negotiate the contract, building inspection and other issues. To coordinate things to get you to a smooth closing with as little stress as possible.

Let’s sit down, over a cup of tea, for a no-obligation chat about what you want to do – your timeline, your end goal, your home, the process and how I can assist you.  Give me a call (or text me) at 314-660-4803 or email Dale.Weir@CBGundaker.com.  It doesn’t matter if you are planning on moving tomorrow or in 3 years.  If you are researching what you need to do right away, need help establishing a priority list and timeline for getting things done over the next few years, or are just curious about what your home is worth “right now” and what you can do to increase its value, I’m here to sit down over a cup of tea and discuss your options with you.