O’Fallon MO

In the greater St Louis area, when you mention the City of O’Fallon, you have to specify whether you mean O’Fallon MISSOURI or O’Fallon Illinois.  Both fall within the St Louis metro area.

The area known as O’Fallon, Missouri was settled in 1856 by the Krekel family after Judge Arnold Krekel purchased land and laid out the plots for a town and a railroad line. In 1912, the City was incorporated as O’Fallon, but was still a very small rural town where everyone knew everyone until the mid-1990’s when it began a phenomenal growth both with residents, industry, retail, restaurants and more. It was successful enough with it’s endeavors that in 2005, it was ranked by Money Magazine among the best 100 places to live in the US.  Today it covers about 30 sq miles with a population over 80,000 residents. For more on the history of the area click here.


Today O’Fallon strives to be a bikeable/ walkable community, with trails, paths and accomodations for all it’s residents.  It has wonderful parks, a fabulous Renaud recreation center, an aquatic center, a disc golf courseathletic fields, it’s own baseball stadium, along with a skate and bmx complex, and an all-inclusive playground called “Brendan’s Playground” where children with disabilities can easily play with others.

The city provides water and sewer services to residents within certain areas (as the city has grown, some areas that were annexed were already being serviced by other water and sewer companies). They partner with the City of St Peters, MO for recycling.

School districts servicing the area include Ft ZumwaltFrancis Howell, and Wentzville school districts.