Tips from Dale 05/06/2022

What did you do for someone today?

Did you do something for someone today?

What did you do FOR someone?  Did you help a little old lady across the street?  Did you brighten someone’s day with a kind word?  Did you volunteer at your place of worship, the local school, nursing home or community center?  What did you do?  Did you feed the birds or take things to a recycle location?  Did you mentor someone?  Did you just brighten the day of someone who was down and depressed?

If snowstorms are passing through, did you help shovel the driveway or sidewalk for an elderly neighbor or someone with health issues?  If the grass is growing, did you mow the yard for someone who couldn’t mow their own? Did you volunteer to pick up something at the store for a friend or neighbor who can’t easily get out? Or perhaps put someone’s newspaper on their doorstep so they didn’t have to hobble to their mailbox? What did you do today?

If at the end of every day we have to account for just one thing that we have done to make life better for just one person other than ourselves, can we?  If not, maybe we should reevaluate what we are doing.  The world is a large and wonderful place and it really doesn’t take much to brighten one person’s day – sometimes we can do it simply by letting them ease into traffic at a congested corner.  Sometimes it’s by a simple compliment or making them feel wanted rather than an outsider.  Sometimes it’s by helping someone to carry a heavy item or get a chore done faster by helping out.  Look around for opportunities to help others and surprise yourself at how much your own life will improve in the process.