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Tips from Dale Wrinkles and Warts – our houses get them also We live with our children every day and as a result, we don’t see the small daily changes that a grandmother who only sees them a few times a year sees when she visits. Homes are like that – we live in them every day and as they age and start to creak and have […]
Tips from Dale Taking care of Vacant Homes Both as a friend and as a Realtor, I sometimes end up taking care of vacant homes for people. Often I get asked for my “checklist” of what to look for and how to take care of a home. When someone is asked to care for a home, it’s often a simple, “will you watch […]
Tips from Dale Whose Minding the Empty Homes All over the US there are empty houses at the moment. Some are foreclosure and pre-foreclosure homes, some are empty because the homeowners relocated for a new job and haven’t been able to sell. Who’s taking care of them? Some things you can just turn off and leave, but other things need to be maintained […]
Tips from Dale Fall Tips for Taking Care of Your Home It’s time for a few fall musings as I look out over the falling leaves, just a week ago they were such glorious color filling the sky – one of the loveliest falls I can remember. Now they lay trodden on the ground. Tomorrow to be sucked up by the municipal vaucumns or in compost […]
Tips from Dale What did you do for someone today? Did you do something for someone today? What did you do FOR someone?  Did you help a little old lady across the street?  Did you brighten someone’s day with a kind word?  Did you volunteer at your place of worship, the local school, nursing home or community center?  What did you do?  Did you feed […]
Tips from Dale A Realtor’s Day Today, my son, who lives a continent away is coming to town. I haven’t seen him in person for several years because he has lived so far away. Now, if life acts like it normally does in the real estate world, the day will be quiet and no one will call me until he arrives, then […]
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