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Seller Tips What a Realtor Takes Care of Before, During and After Listing a Home and Getting it to Closing A question I am frequently asked, is what makes me, as a full service, full time professional Realtor, different from other Realtors and people who sell Real Estate.  First, a Realtor belongs to their local, state and the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and has taken an oath to follow a code of ethics that […]
Buyer Tips The difference between a Realtor and a Good Realtor Dear Sally,  Thank you for sending me the glorifying funny cartoon about what a Realtor does!  I get a chuckle every time someone tells me that “they just know they’d be great as a Realtor!  Why they love to look at homes online and to visit Sunday Open Houses! And they just love all the […]
Seller Tips What Happens Next, Now that You’ve Listed Your Home.  What Happens Next, Now that You’ve Listed Your Home.    Just wanted to give you an idea of what happens next, now that you’ve listed your home with me:  The first thing I have to do, is paperwork (or more accurately computer data entry work).  I upload the listing contract and the required office documents […]
St Louis - A Great Place to Live Listening in on new homeowner’s is such fun.  Listening in on new homeowner’s is such fun.  I don’t know, it’s such a different style of home than we’ve lived in before.  I know, isn’t it wonderful!  It’s a “gingerbread style”. Very chic and stylish.  But that pointed roof… And it looks like it will be hot in the summer as well.  But just […]
Tips from Dale Dale’s Soapbox of Advice about Unclaimed Property  Dale’s Soapbox of Advice about Unclaimed Property  Allow me my soapbox for a minute, please.    In every state, there is a “unclaimed property” department.  The State of Missouri explains it as:  “The State Treasurer is responsible for returning Missouri’s Unclaimed Property. Each year financial institutions, businesses, government agencies and other organizations turn over millions of […]
Tips from Dale The Internet knows where you live The Internet knows where you live.  Several years ago, I was working with a buyer from Virginia, when the contract fell apart because the home had radon.  I issued the mutual release and was waiting for the seller to sign and return it, while the buyer went back home to Virginia to regroup.  I kept […]
Tips from Dale Wrinkles and Warts – our houses get them also We live with our children every day and as a result, we don’t see the small daily changes that a grandmother who only sees them a few times a year sees when she visits. Homes are like that – we live in them every day and as they age and start to creak and have […]
Tips from Dale Taking care of Vacant Homes Both as a friend and as a Realtor, I sometimes end up taking care of vacant homes for people. Often I get asked for my “checklist” of what to look for and how to take care of a home. When someone is asked to care for a home, it’s often a simple, “will you watch […]
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