Seller Tips 05/06/2022

Your Home as an Investment – RealVitalize to the Rescue

Your Home as an Investment

For many of us, our homes are one of the largest financial investments we have. Like all investments, they need periodic “feeding”, with regular preventive maintenance and proactive repairs when little things go wrong, before they become major things.  In addition, when it gets time to sell, if they come across as “dated”, “grandmotherly”, or just not as “crisp and clean” as they could be, it can truly affect their resale value. But, as much as we want to take care of our homes, there are times when other priorities take precedent over our homes or where we reach a point where we may have “assets” but not readily available cash for taking care of things. Coldwell Banker Realty -Gundaker (CBG) has recognized that as a concern that many of our clients have, and has come up with a remarkable new program called “RealVitalize” to help our clients out.  With this program, we will put you in touch with a specially trained home advisor who can help you determine projects that need to be done to your home in order to maximize the price you receive for it when you sell it. The home advisor functions as a project manager to arrange contractors to do the work and schedule them based on YOUR schedule and timeline. Once the work is done, Coldwell Banker Realty-Gundaker will actually PAY THE BILL for you.  When your home sells, you will reimburse CBG for their upfront costs on your behalf.  THERE ARE NO FEES OR INTEREST CHARGED FOR THIS SERVICE!!  Some of our clients are using this program to do work on their home prior to putting them on the market, others are using it to deal with home inspection issues that are found during the buyer or municipal inspections.  If you’d like to know more about this innovative program, give me a call and lets talk!