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Seller Tips What a Realtor Takes Care of Before, During and After Listing a Home and Getting it to Closing A question I am frequently asked, is what makes me, as a full service, full time professional Realtor, different from other Realtors and people who sell Real Estate.  First, a Realtor belongs to their local, state and the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and has taken an oath to follow a code of ethics that […]
Buyer Tips The difference between a Realtor and a Good Realtor Dear Sally,  Thank you for sending me the glorifying funny cartoon about what a Realtor does!  I get a chuckle every time someone tells me that “they just know they’d be great as a Realtor!  Why they love to look at homes online and to visit Sunday Open Houses! And they just love all the […]
Seller Tips What Happens Next, Now that You’ve Listed Your Home.  What Happens Next, Now that You’ve Listed Your Home.    Just wanted to give you an idea of what happens next, now that you’ve listed your home with me:  The first thing I have to do, is paperwork (or more accurately computer data entry work).  I upload the listing contract and the required office documents […]
Seller Tips What kind of a personality does your home have?  Personality  What kind of a personality does your home have?  Is it grandmotherly? Quirky? Religious? Fun? Somber? A Designer’s Perfect home?  Or?  When I show buyers homes, I tell them to find at least one thing in the home that will help them to remember that home.  It can be a toy in the children’s […]
Appraisals 3 Tips for a Higher Home Appraisal It may seem that homebuyers and sellers don’t agree on much, but they share one important concern: that the transaction is successful. This comradery is never more evident than during the appraisal process. It’s only natural, since the results of the appraisal can send the deal spiraling out of control.Appraisers take into account many factors […]
Seller Tips Initial Step for Getting a Home Ready for Market Are you or someone you know considering selling a home?  Perhaps it’s the one you are living in, perhaps it’s one that is about to be vacated by another family member.  Best advice I can give you, Talk to a Realtor who knows the local area FIRST, before you do anything. Too often what we […]
Seller Tips Pricing A Home For Sale I periodically get asked: “Why I don’t give sellers an exact price to list their home for when I initially talk to them?” To put this in perspective, I typically talk to a potential seller several months before he actually has the home ready to be put on the market and sold. My answer is that I […]
Buyer Tips Who Answers Your Questions on Zillow I have talked to a number of people recently who couldn’t understand why when they clicked on the links for more information on Zillow, Trulia and similar websites, they didn’t get the FSBO owner or the listing agent, so I thought I’d spend a few minutes explaining who is answering those questions. Zillow (and Trulia […]
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