St Louis - A Great Place to Live 05/06/2022

The St Louis Zoo

The St Louis Zoo – What a GREAT place for the whole family. It doesn’t matter what age you are, the zoo is fun. When I was a young girl, I remember taking a class at the zoo with my mother one summer on birds. I went to the zoo every day for a week with my mother to go to “our” special class.  I recently went with a group of adult friends – we petted and fed the stingrays, visited the penguins and bears and had fun. We also joked about the zoo having the neatest fun socks in town (if you haven’t checked them out, do). When family come to town, its the fist place we head to, regardless of the season.

Some “must do’s at the Zoo include – riding the train – can’t say no to that. And of course you must stop by and see Phil the Gorilla, and the World’s Fair Bird House, but then everything is special and a must see and do at the St Louis Zoo. Admission to the St Louis Zoo is free – only a few attractions and exhibits such as the children’s zoo, the train and the special exhibits have a small charge and if you are going to be there all day and do everything, I’d suggest that you buy a Safari Pass for the day and if you plan to come a lot, consider joining the Zoo

While the Zoo is open year round (it only closes on New Years Day and on Christmas), in the summer, the zoo stays open later and has some really special events that beckon the adults to linger and have some more adult fun. That is especially true with their concert series which they call Jungle Boogie Nights. Where the Hippos Hop and the Lions Roar and The Bears Dance – Held on Friday nights from 5pm-8pm During the summer minths, the concerts are free and a wonderful way to spend a Friday evening. Another treat is the Zoo’s Annual Valentine’s Day Dinner. A fabulous gourmet meal and a great time after the zoo closes for the evening.