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Listening in on new homeowner’s is such fun. 

Listening in on new homeowner’s is such fun. 

I don’t know, it’s such a different style of home than we’ve lived in before. 

I know, isn’t it wonderful!  It’s a “gingerbread style”. Very chic and stylish. 

But that pointed roof… And it looks like it will be hot in the summer as well. 

But just look at all the gingerbread trim and fancy decorations!  NO ONE else had anything like it! 

The front door seems overly small to me 

It’s sized just right for us, and a smaller door will help keep out “undesirables” 

I know but…. 

And it’s so CLEAN inside.  Much nicer than the others we’ve looked at  

Won’t stay that way after we move in 

I’m certain we’re the first ones to see it, and you know how fast this market is moving 

I know, I know. But I really don’t like the view from the front door.  It looks straight into the back of someone else’s home. It’s like they can watch our every move from their kitchen window 

True, but it has a large side and back yard.   

And will it be big enough when our little fledglings come? 

I’m certain it will be big enough for all of us. 

OK, I’ll talk to the management and sign the lease. 

Moving Day 

OOF!  I can’t get this inside 

Try turning it sidewise.  

That small front door is really a problem now. 

It will be OK. Just finagle it a bit more.  It will fit, you’ll see. 

Ah!  Finally, it’s inside. 

See I told you so. 

OOF!  Double OOF!  Did you have to select such large pieces?  Stop preening and come help me. 

It will be just fine.  Just finagle it like you did the last time. 

Grumble Grumble, OK, it’s finally in. 

Isn’t it perfect!!  I can’t wait to show it off to our friends!  

And so, Mr and Mrs Sparrow became my neighbors when they rented my newest birdhouse.