Seller Tips What a Realtor Takes Care of Before, During and After Listing a Home and Getting it to Closing A question I am frequently asked, is what makes me, as a full service, full time professional Realtor, different from other Realtors and people who sell Real Estate.  First, a Realtor belongs to their local, state and the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and has taken an oath to follow a code of ethics that […]
Buyer Tips The difference between a Realtor and a Good Realtor Dear Sally,  Thank you for sending me the glorifying funny cartoon about what a Realtor does!  I get a chuckle every time someone tells me that “they just know they’d be great as a Realtor!  Why they love to look at homes online and to visit Sunday Open Houses! And they just love all the […]
St Louis - A Great Place to Live Listening in on new homeowner’s is such fun.  Listening in on new homeowner’s is such fun.  I don’t know, it’s such a different style of home than we’ve lived in before.  I know, isn’t it wonderful!  It’s a “gingerbread style”. Very chic and stylish.  But that pointed roof… And it looks like it will be hot in the summer as well.  But just […]
Seller Tips What kind of a personality does your home have?  Personality  What kind of a personality does your home have?  Is it grandmotherly? Quirky? Religious? Fun? Somber? A Designer’s Perfect home?  Or?  When I show buyers homes, I tell them to find at least one thing in the home that will help them to remember that home.  It can be a toy in the children’s […]
Tips from Dale Dale’s Soapbox of Advice about Unclaimed Property  Dale’s Soapbox of Advice about Unclaimed Property  Allow me my soapbox for a minute, please.    In every state, there is a “unclaimed property” department.  The State of Missouri explains it as:  “The State Treasurer is responsible for returning Missouri’s Unclaimed Property. Each year financial institutions, businesses, government agencies and other organizations turn over millions of […]
Tips from Dale The Internet knows where you live The Internet knows where you live.  Several years ago, I was working with a buyer from Virginia, when the contract fell apart because the home had radon.  I issued the mutual release and was waiting for the seller to sign and return it, while the buyer went back home to Virginia to regroup.  I kept […]
Uncategorized A Realtor’s Life in 2022 I rush, I rush, feeling the heat through the window and as I get in and out of the car.  30 min in a home, circle the first floor, up the stairs, down the stairs, walk around the yard, back inside, another look at the kitchen and overall layout, then back in the car for […]
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