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Buyer Tips The difference between a Realtor and a Good Realtor Dear Sally,  Thank you for sending me the glorifying funny cartoon about what a Realtor does!  I get a chuckle every time someone tells me that “they just know they’d be great as a Realtor!  Why they love to look at homes online and to visit Sunday Open Houses! And they just love all the […]
Buyer Tips Spot vs Boundary Surveys Spot surveys were the norm in the St Louis area for many years. They were cheaper. The title coverage was not quite as great, but it wasn’t significantly different, so why bother paying for a boundary survey which would be at least a $100 more? Now the primary title companies in the area are insisting […]
Buyer Tips VA Loans Provide Extra Security The Veterans Administration had provided some extra help for Veterans and military members who may be having problems with their mortgages. The first thing a veteran or military member should do is contact the VA at 877-827-3702 or and talk with a counselor. Their options include: The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act – to qualify […]
Buyer Tips Who Answers Your Questions on Zillow I have talked to a number of people recently who couldn’t understand why when they clicked on the links for more information on Zillow, Trulia and similar websites, they didn’t get the FSBO owner or the listing agent, so I thought I’d spend a few minutes explaining who is answering those questions. Zillow (and Trulia […]
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