Seller Tips What a Realtor Takes Care of Before, During and After Listing a Home and Getting it to Closing A question I am frequently asked, is what makes me, as a full service, full time professional Realtor, different from other Realtors and people who sell Real Estate.  First, a Realtor belongs to their local, state and the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and has taken an oath to follow a code of ethics that […]
Buyer Tips The difference between a Realtor and a Good Realtor Dear Sally,  Thank you for sending me the glorifying funny cartoon about what a Realtor does!  I get a chuckle every time someone tells me that “they just know they’d be great as a Realtor!  Why they love to look at homes online and to visit Sunday Open Houses! And they just love all the […]
Seller Tips What Happens Next, Now that You’ve Listed Your Home.  What Happens Next, Now that You’ve Listed Your Home.    Just wanted to give you an idea of what happens next, now that you’ve listed your home with me:  The first thing I have to do, is paperwork (or more accurately computer data entry work).  I upload the listing contract and the required office documents […]
St Louis - A Great Place to Live Listening in on new homeowner’s is such fun.  Listening in on new homeowner’s is such fun.  I don’t know, it’s such a different style of home than we’ve lived in before.  I know, isn’t it wonderful!  It’s a “gingerbread style”. Very chic and stylish.  But that pointed roof… And it looks like it will be hot in the summer as well.  But just […]
Seller Tips What kind of a personality does your home have?  Personality  What kind of a personality does your home have?  Is it grandmotherly? Quirky? Religious? Fun? Somber? A Designer’s Perfect home?  Or?  When I show buyers homes, I tell them to find at least one thing in the home that will help them to remember that home.  It can be a toy in the children’s […]
Tips from Dale Dale’s Soapbox of Advice about Unclaimed Property  Dale’s Soapbox of Advice about Unclaimed Property  Allow me my soapbox for a minute, please.    In every state, there is a “unclaimed property” department.  The State of Missouri explains it as:  “The State Treasurer is responsible for returning Missouri’s Unclaimed Property. Each year financial institutions, businesses, government agencies and other organizations turn over millions of […]
Tips from Dale The Internet knows where you live The Internet knows where you live.  Several years ago, I was working with a buyer from Virginia, when the contract fell apart because the home had radon.  I issued the mutual release and was waiting for the seller to sign and return it, while the buyer went back home to Virginia to regroup.  I kept […]
Uncategorized A Realtor’s Life in 2022 I rush, I rush, feeling the heat through the window and as I get in and out of the car.  30 min in a home, circle the first floor, up the stairs, down the stairs, walk around the yard, back inside, another look at the kitchen and overall layout, then back in the car for […]
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Cities in the Metro Area Ballwin Welcome to Ballwin, MO! Money Magazine listed Ballwin as “One of America’s Best Places to Live” by Money Magazine mulitple times as well as being listed as one of the safest cities in the state! Even better, is being listed as a “Playful City 2014” by Kaboom! (one of only 3 cities in Missouri, so honored) With […]
Appraisals 3 Tips for a Higher Home Appraisal It may seem that homebuyers and sellers don’t agree on much, but they share one important concern: that the transaction is successful. This comradery is never more evident than during the appraisal process. It’s only natural, since the results of the appraisal can send the deal spiraling out of control.Appraisers take into account many factors […]
Buyer Tips Spot vs Boundary Surveys Spot surveys were the norm in the St Louis area for many years. They were cheaper. The title coverage was not quite as great, but it wasn’t significantly different, so why bother paying for a boundary survey which would be at least a $100 more? Now the primary title companies in the area are insisting […]
Tips from Dale Wrinkles and Warts – our houses get them also We live with our children every day and as a result, we don’t see the small daily changes that a grandmother who only sees them a few times a year sees when she visits. Homes are like that – we live in them every day and as they age and start to creak and have […]
Tips from Dale Taking care of Vacant Homes Both as a friend and as a Realtor, I sometimes end up taking care of vacant homes for people. Often I get asked for my “checklist” of what to look for and how to take care of a home. When someone is asked to care for a home, it’s often a simple, “will you watch […]
Buyer Tips VA Loans Provide Extra Security The Veterans Administration had provided some extra help for Veterans and military members who may be having problems with their mortgages. The first thing a veteran or military member should do is contact the VA at 877-827-3702 or and talk with a counselor. Their options include: The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act – to qualify […]
St Louis - A Great Place to Live Driving in St Louis for Newcomers Here’s a tongue in cheek look at driving in St Louis. When you’re ready to start looking at homes, give me a call, I know my way around and will be there to help you find the right home in the right area! A VISITOR’S GUIDE TO DRIVING IN ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI: The morning rush […]
Tips from Dale Whose Minding the Empty Homes All over the US there are empty houses at the moment. Some are foreclosure and pre-foreclosure homes, some are empty because the homeowners relocated for a new job and haven’t been able to sell. Who’s taking care of them? Some things you can just turn off and leave, but other things need to be maintained […]
Tips from Dale Fall Tips for Taking Care of Your Home It’s time for a few fall musings as I look out over the falling leaves, just a week ago they were such glorious color filling the sky – one of the loveliest falls I can remember. Now they lay trodden on the ground. Tomorrow to be sucked up by the municipal vaucumns or in compost […]
St Louis - A Great Place to Live St Louis – A Great Place to Call Home Welcome to St Louis! While we’re noted for being a metropolitan area, with all the amenities and tourist attractions of a major metropolitan area, St Louis is noted for it’s friendly, welcoming smile. Many years ago, the City of St Louis decided that the County growing up around it was going to be a drain […]
Short Sales What’s a short sale? A short sale is when the seller is selling the property for less than they owe the bank on it. Once the owner accepts a contract, it is sent to their lien holder to accept, reject or negotiate. A lien holder is not required to accept any of the terms that the owner has accepted. […]
St Louis - A Great Place to Live Fabulous Forest Park! Guess what’s over 140 years old? St Louis’s own Forest Park! While most people think Forest Park was created for the 1904 World’s Fair (officially the Louisiana Purchase Exposition), the Park actually existed long before that. The original plan for the park was rejected by the voters in St Louis in 1864, but 10 years […]